Who We Are

Resistance Bands have long been used in the realm of exercise rehabilitation as a  tool to assist with recovery after injury or post-operatively. The bands are very effective as they offer load throughout the range of motion of a joint or muscle, which is ideal as many rehabilitation exercises rely on a combination of eccentric (a contraction of a muscle as it lengthens, think lowering something heavy down slowly), concentric (a contraction of muscle as it shortens, think bicep curl upwards) and isometic (static contraction of a muscle). 

In recent years however, many have begun to discover that resistance bands are more than just a rehabilitation tool, and that by increasing the load or resistance of the bands, they can be used as tools for hypertrophy and strengthening. The added benefit is that the bands offer resistance throughout the range, leading to higher overall muscle contraction and break down, stimulating increased muscle synthesis (the old adage, you have to break muscle down to build muscle). 

So where do we come into all of this? 

WorkHard started as a partnership between two friends, one an experienced physiotherapist (physical therapist) and a commercial airline pilot, both of whom were too busy traveling or working to get to the gym regularly. So after doing a bit of research on how to do a workout on the go or at home, resistance bands came up as a great option, however;

There was only one problem...

Where to find a reliable source of quality home exercise equipment at an affordable price? The simple answer, (in theory at least) design their own bands and start up their own website where they could share their passion for exercise, anytime and anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Get your pump on, in the office, at home or on the go!